"We make it work"
not just a slogan - a commitment!

    The most important difference at Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. is that we are process engineers first and control system engineers second.  Based on our extensive in-plant experience and control system expertise, we work closely with our Clients to optimize process performance, to increase annual profits, and to improve plant reliability.

    As a control system integrator, we assist our Clients with equipment selection and project execution on-time and within budget.  As process engineers, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our Clients through post-project services that strive for continuous improvement in operations, maintenance, and engineering responsibilities at the plant.

    Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. can help you identify opportunities for control strategy improvement, and maximize the benefit of your current control system.  Our team approach to process control solutions enables each Client to justify advanced process control strategies that achieve the goals set by the team.  Let us assist your team with plant improvements today, and continued improvements tomorrow.

Barry Payne, President


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