Robust Composition Control and Plant Rate Control available on a platform that meets your budget and blends with your current operating philosophy.

Barry D. Payne & Associates Inc. offer Advanced Regulatory Control strategies designed for multiple platforms that deliver plant improvements with your current controls today!

Start today at your current level of automation and leap frog the competition.  Install Gas Processing Preformance Control (GPPC) and Gas Processing Rate Control  (GPRC) strategies that provide significant plant improvements, and then "bank" your return on investment for future plant automation opportunities.

Start small with Multifunction Loop Controllers (SLC) in a pneumatic gas plant!

Upgrade to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) when the time is right, and migrate your GPPC and GPRC strategies, too!

Or take advantage of the full-power of today's Distributed Control System (DCS), and fully integrate GPPC and GPRC into your overall plant optimization strategy.

Gas Processing Performance Strategies
Scalable Cryo Plant Control Solutions for your current Automation Platform.

Don't wait, take advantage of ON TARGET Solutions today!

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